Networks are the lifeblood of business today; they are the nervous systems of organizations across the world. They are also the world's most interesting targets to a class of criminals who would love nothing more than to deny you the services of the technology you paid for.


Concept of Networking

A computer network consists of two or more computers connected together. There are two main styles of networks: wired and wireless. Networking can cut time and cost for Businesses and Home Users.

Purposes of networking

    * Printer Sharing
    * Internet Sharing

    * File Sharing
    * Ease of Backups
    * Cut cost

Network Security

Essentially, network attacks can be distinguished on two dimensions: passive versus active and automated versus manual.

A passive attack is one that uses network tools, such as a sniffer to capture network traffic, that simply listen on the network. These tools may capture traffic that contains sensitive information.

Active attacks, by contrast, are where the attacker is actively going after the protected resource and trying to get access to it, possibly by modifying or injecting traffic into the network.

The vast majority of the attacks are automated attacks, where the attacker creates some tool that attacks a network all by itself. The tool may have some intelligence built in, but fundamentally, if the network is not configured the same way as the one the tool was written for, the tool fails.

With the reasons above, you must be protected against any network vulnerability or hack.

We have tools that allow us to attempt to penetrate your network and gain access to your valuable data. We can make sure that your data is protected.